Donald Trump — he does the best joined up thinking

So what was that Donald Trump was saying last year about how America should come first and the country shouldn’t be involved in so many foreign wars; that it was time to bring the troops home and focus on domestic things?

And how does that square with getting a SEAL killed in a raid in Yemen, putting more troops into Syria, bombing a Syrian airforce base, dropping a MOAB on Afghanistan and provoking war with North Korea?


Floppy Trump

According to Donald Trump  back on the campaign trail, Clinton didn’t have the stamina to be president. Just one hundred days into his tenure, the same Trump has played more golf than any other president, taken more weekends off, and is saying he didn’t think the job would be as hard as it is. So, does Mr Trump have the stamina?


Well, it’s all about sovereignty, innit. We want our country back. #EUreferendum

Well, it’s all about sovereignty, innit. We want our country back.

But Britain is a sovereign nation. The only body that can make laws for Britain is the government of Britain. Sure, many of those laws have to be aligned with the EU but Britain can say no, it can opt out when the country feels sufficiently strongly.

Britain opted out of the ERM, opted not to join the Schengen area, opted not to join the euro (currency). The EU cannot control Britain’s borders, only the UK can do that.

Think on this: if the UK had lost is sovereignty to the EU, would we even be having this referendum now?