Breaking breaking broken — Starmer promises Tories to be good little boy

It’s official: Keir Starmar has pledged to not disagree with the Conservative party on anything. In a development that is of no surprise to anyone, he has indeed pledged to be a good little Tory.  In a forthcoming speech to the CBI, Sir Keir, is promising not to ‘throw cash at’ the UK’s problems. In … Continue reading Breaking breaking broken — Starmer promises Tories to be good little boy


Malevolent idle hearsay was received, functionally, without question, via email the following morning, from an unaccountable personage; an unspecified decision maker, or more likely an irritable opinion influencer. Either way, in respect to reliable, prospective contractual renewals, its source was deemed to be a mission critical figure: one wielding personal enmity with minimal concern for … Continue reading Press-ganged

Priti Patel: “Comin’ over ‘ere expecting not to be killed”

With yet another death in detention of an asylum seeker and criticism of Britain’s human rights from whoever, The Cannibal’s Gazette has invited Home Secretary Priti Patel to defend her policies concerning asylum seekers.  Bloody so called asylum seekers, comin' over 'ere expecting not to be killed. That’s entitlement that is, that’s taking the piss.  … Continue reading Priti Patel: “Comin’ over ‘ere expecting not to be killed”

Jordan Peterson’s 12 rules for life

☞ Stand up straight, be polite, speak nice. ☞ Live with honour. ☞ Sit up straight at dinner time. Never put your elbows on the table. Sit up straight at dinner time without elbows but with honour. ☞ Polish your shoes every day. Never put your elbows in the shoe polish. Polish your shoes every … Continue reading Jordan Peterson’s 12 rules for life

Brigadier Robert D’Alby

A sweaty tale of irresistible desire within remote salty environs. Brigadier Robert D'Alby of those immaculate Glorious Roscommon’s was a fine figure of a man. As a Sandhurst officer cadet, it was crystal clear D’Alby was hewn from exactly the right stuff- possessing athleticism, but devoid of narcissism; employing a military style of life, minus … Continue reading Brigadier Robert D’Alby

Breaking: Humanity all shagged out!

Let’s be clear: the slow death of humanity through mass infertility is a good thing. This nightmare vision of SF and dystopian literature is, to the well-organised mind, a dream come true.  For decades scientists have been telling us about falling sperm counts, an impending infertility crisis. As the evidence mounts, the prospect has turned … Continue reading Breaking: Humanity all shagged out!

The Cannibal’s Gazette Keir Starmer interview

CannGaz: Thank you for joining us Sir Keir. The Tories have been dishing out government contracts worth billions of pounds to their donors and old school friends, in many cases these people were not experienced or competent in the areas of expertise for which they were paid. So while they got fat, they failed to … Continue reading The Cannibal’s Gazette Keir Starmer interview


Len Sell is principal consultant at Leisure Arts PLC, manufacturer of the world-famous Bullworker- its UK head office based in Kings Cross, a stone’s throw from intelligent cultured people in beautiful Islington, & despite a fair degree of gentrification, still squatting like a melanoma upon the crown of brainy Bloomsbury. Accessing reception via a no-nonsense … Continue reading Bullworker


Small-handed, bouffant, bloated, bloviating fuckwad. Non-builder of walls. Son of frigid sociopathic privilege. Man baby. Rich kid. Cry baby. Man boob. Master of delusion. Twitter Tourettic. Fabulist. Anacoluthon. Blob. Orange supremacist. Racist. Narcissist. Solipsist. Rentier. Arriviste. Arsonist. Insurrectionist. Knee-jerk-jerk-jerk fascist, champion of Tiki torch warriors. Golfer. America’s Nero. Emperor encephalitis. Parasite. Mushroom prick. Cockwomble. Chump. … Continue reading 45