EU army to conscript Brits aged between 18 and 25 — the story in full

Social media has been reporting that the EU is making plans to conscript all European males between the ages of 18 and 25 into their new EU army. 

This news may have benefitted the UK’s Leave campaign by driving people into their camp. 

And quite right, too. An undemocratic unelected super government stealing our children for their crypto-fascist military is European evil at its height. 

Or would be if the story were true. But it’s a complete lie. 

The EU has no plans to conscript anyone. 

The EU can’t even conscript anyone because only a government can do that, and the EU is not a government, it’s a trade bloc. 

The individual member countries determine their own defence policies and control their own armed forces. None have plans to conscript people into an EU army.

There isn’t even an EU army, nor will there be one. That’s more propaganda from the right wing and Leave campaigners.

The EU member states have policies of military cooperation. This makes sense because they are neighbours with common interests sandwiched between two unreliable super powers, Russia and the US. But cooperation is a far cry from an EU army.

Cooperation happens all the time.

Most of the EU countries are already cooperating as members of Nato. No one has suggested that Nato is a supra-national army nor that it might conscript troops from member states. Is that because the conscription stories have been generated to raise hostility to the EU? 

The claims of EU conscription are usually accompanied by a photo of soldiers in full battle order marching against a backdrop of an EU flag. 

The soldiers in the photo are not even from any European army. They are American and wear the insignia of the 101st Airborne Division. In some versions of the photos, the airborne insignia has been photoshopped out and replaced with an EU flag. 

For those people still worried that Britain might yet be compelled to commit its youth to a foreign army, the UK successfully opted out of the ERM, the Euro and the Shengen agreement, and so would be able to opt out of an EU army. Not that there will be one. 

The Cannibal is confident that not even the twisted brains that have spread the conscription story believe it. It’s another part of project fear to get you bothered into supporting Leave.  

EU conscription meme as it popped up on Facebook.
EU army
Another version prior to the Brexit referendum, explicitly planting an untrue idea in the heads of voters.
EU army 01_n
The insignia of the 101st Airborne is clearly visible.
This image has been doctored to replace the insignia of the 101st Airborne with an EU flag.

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In memoriam: Arron Banks


In memoriam: Baron Wanks, who is drowning in a sea of his own shit.

This week, Brexit bankroller Arron Banks wished a 16-year-old girl, environmental campaigner Greta Thunberg dead.

No comment is necessary.

But I’m going to comment anyway.

This is what Brexit, UKIP, the Brexit Party, the Conservatives and all their supporters are about. Death threats and actual murder (Jo Cox).

That’s it.

No, that’s not it.

There is an intimate relationship between Brexit and the climate crisis. A certain demographic in the world of money wants the destruction of all regulations on labour, human rights, the environment and so on, to enable unfettered money making. They are consciously creating a world in which corporates can shovel up even more dosh from us. They see the EU and environmental campaigns as inconveniences and obstructions to their ends.

This is not a new project: it has been in progress…

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More revelations from Charlottesville

These gentlemen went along to show their support for fascism at the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, on August 12th — or were they auditioning for the reshoot of the cover art for this (appropriately titled) famous 1970 album?



(With apologies to Mr Black Sabbath, who has no association with these people or their values.)