Clapper: Snowden caused ‘massive historical’ security damage; Cannibal: bollocks

US director of national snooping Mr Clapper claimed yesterday that whistleblower Edward Snowden caused massive damage to intelligence interests. The Cannibal responded: ‘Big, fat bollocks.’
Clapper is tasked with spying on everyone in the world, and now he is one seriously embarrassed monkey.
He would like us to believe that Snowden is a threat so he can get back to the job of scooping up all your personal data.
Well, what was that Cannibal quote again?

If you are innocent, you have nothing to fear

image loadingI was sitting in the bath the other night when I was surprised to see a periscope rise out of the water at my feet. A glassy eye in the lens fixed on me while I attempted to preserve some dignity with my flannel.

‘Do not be alarmed,’ said the periscope.

‘Why not?’ I asked. ‘You’re in my bath.’

‘Just routine government surveillance,’ the periscope assured me. ‘We do it to everyone. If you’re innocent, you’ve nothing to fear.’

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