Bollocks to Blair

Tony Blair holds no elected office. Tory Blair represents no one. Tory Blair is a has-been. Tory Blair trots around the globe selling his bottom to any vicious dictator that needs a PR job. Tory Blair is ethically and intellectually empty. Tory Blair is a war criminal.  So why oh why does the media hang … Continue reading Bollocks to Blair

British prime ministers: a brain spotter’s guide

Margaret Thatcher — 1879 to forever Killed a lot of Argentine people to curry favour with a catatonic home population. Bottled the unions and ordinaryhardworkingpeopleeverywhere while introducing free market fundamentalism. ‘Trickle-down’, they called it when it was actually ‘piss on’. The man who wasn’t there — Whenever to whenever (No pictures exist) The man who … Continue reading British prime ministers: a brain spotter’s guide