Priti Patel: “Comin’ over ‘ere expecting not to be killed”

With yet another death in detention of an asylum seeker and criticism of Britain’s human rights from whoever, The Cannibal’s Gazette has invited Home Secretary Priti Patel to defend her policies concerning asylum seekers.  Bloody so called asylum seekers, comin' over 'ere expecting not to be killed. That’s entitlement that is, that’s taking the piss.  … Continue reading Priti Patel: “Comin’ over ‘ere expecting not to be killed”


I don’t believe in love at first sight any more than you do, Anatol. I well recall your saying to me, as we sat drinking seven franc wine beside the grave of Jean-Paul- that ‘love’ was but a meta-sign, that articulated the system of emotional absurdity, and as such, offered little opportunity for self-transcendence. That … Continue reading Julienne