Small-handed, bouffant, bloated, bloviating fuckwad. Non-builder of walls. Son of frigid sociopathic privilege. Man baby. Rich kid. Cry baby. Man boob. Master of delusion. Twitter Tourettic. Fabulist. Anacoluthon. Blob. Orange supremacist. Racist. Narcissist. Solipsist. Rentier. Arriviste. Arsonist. Insurrectionist. Knee-jerk-jerk-jerk fascist, champion of Tiki torch warriors. Golfer. America’s Nero. Emperor encephalitis. Parasite. Mushroom prick. Cockwomble. Chump. Cunt. SAD! Cheat. Liar. Dribbling blubber moron. Imbecile. Gut-burp incarnate. McDonald’s. Tantrum. Ass. Stormy relationships. Dirty fracker, pussygrabber. Commander in thief. Fat man. Bling sucker. Everyone says. Putin’s poodle. Demagogue gobbler. Piss-pot tyrant. Piss wanker. Blackmailee. Vomit. Swamp thing. Out of his depth. Drowning. Creature from the dim-brain lagoon. Liar. Fake new. Fake tan. Fake person. Fake hair. Fake, fake, fake. But, you know, that’s OK. BAD! Actor. Failure. Fired. 


À l’eau, c’est l’heure!

Image: Nails Nathan

Words: Chris Page

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