Revealed: how the Titanic didn’t sink

Today the startling truth was revealed about the fate of the infamous cruise liner the Titanic. For over 100 years it was thought that the Titanic hit an iceberg in the Atlantic and sank with the loss of over 1,500 lives. In reality, the Titanic did not sink, but after discharging its passengers sailed on … Continue reading Revealed: how the Titanic didn’t sink

UKIP’s mouthful of homophobia

UKIP candidate Douglas Denny has claimed that 'abnormal gays are ramming it down my throat’. Can we suggest to Mr Denny, who is standing for city council in Portsmouth, stop hanging out with abnormal people and hang out with regular gay people instead. If he doesn’t like having it rammed down his throat, perhaps he … Continue reading UKIP’s mouthful of homophobia