Vote for Against!

Nails Nathan on votin' USA It was written of the comedian W.C. Fields that at a certain point in his life he no longer voted for anyone but chose to vote against.  He did not trust politicians, as many of us don't, but he did at least weigh the pros and cons and vote against … Continue reading Vote for Against!

How rapey is your MP?

In the news this week, yet another Conservative MP has allegedly been caught with someone else’s underpants down. An as-yet unnamed former minister has been arrested on charges of rape and sexual assault.  Once again, an elected representative has elected to get stuck in as only a right honourable gentleman knows how.  The nation waits … Continue reading How rapey is your MP?

British prime ministers: a brain spotter’s guide

Margaret Thatcher — 1879 to forever Killed a lot of Argentine people to curry favour with a catatonic home population. Bottled the unions and ordinaryhardworkingpeopleeverywhere while introducing free market fundamentalism. ‘Trickle-down’, they called it when it was actually ‘piss on’. The man who wasn’t there — Whenever to whenever (No pictures exist) The man who … Continue reading British prime ministers: a brain spotter’s guide