Trump and his nukes

Last week Donald Trump tweeted “The United States must greatly strengthen and expand its nuclear capability until such time as the world comes to its senses regarding nukes.”

Which is a lot like saying the US will have to kill lots and lots of people until other countries realise how horrible killing is and cut it out.

Well, it’s all about sovereignty, innit. We want our country back. #EUreferendum

Well, it’s all about sovereignty, innit. We want our country back.

But Britain is a sovereign nation. The only body that can make laws for Britain is the government of Britain. Sure, many of those laws have to be aligned with the EU but Britain can say no, it can opt out when the country feels sufficiently strongly.

Britain opted out of the ERM, opted not to join the Schengen area, opted not to join the euro (currency). The EU cannot control Britain’s borders, only the UK can do that.

Think on this: if the UK had lost is sovereignty to the EU, would we even be having this referendum now?

There are some who say that the EU is undemocratic #EUreferendum

There are some who say that the EU is undemocratic.

Good. I look forward to their campaigns to get rid of the UK’s unelected head of state, I look forward to them supporting the dissolution of the UK’s unelected second chamber of Parliament, the House of Lords, I eagerly anticipate them forbidding unelected media owners propagandising through their news outlets, and most of all I look forward to them separating business and politics to stop the practice of the unelected CEOs buying politicians to favour their industries.


Calling a spade a cupcake — media spinning the terrorist murder of a woman into thin air

So. The man who murdered Jo Cox was not a terrorist but a ‘crazed lone wolf’, was he?

This is the line that the mainstream media is spinning with some energy. The man followed two fascist organisations, read their literature, learned about guns from them, shouted the name of one of these groups during the attack, and murdered a woman whose politics were diametrically opposed to his right in the middle of the most fractious political confrontation since the 1930s.

Not enough politics?

The mainstream press, i.e., the conservative media, is going out of its way to paint this as a random act of lunacy and they are doing that because this guy’s politics are ultimately aligned with theirs. Objectively, his history of mental issues amounts to depression, not homicidal psychopathy.

Let’s call this act what it really is: terrorism.

Peace and rationality to everyone.

Brexiteers in need of some sex education

Seems that Britain’s campaign to leave the EU has gone to delightfully witty (and presumably short) lengths to get their message across.

Brexiteers have begun distributing condoms printed with the messages: ‘Vote leave: It’s riskier to stay in’, and ‘Vote Leave: it’s riskier to stay in.’

They don’t seem to realise that the point of condoms is you don’t have to pull out.

Now, who’s going to tell them?