There are some who say that the EU is undemocratic #EUreferendum

There are some who say that the EU is undemocratic.

Good. I look forward to their campaigns to get rid of the UK’s unelected head of state, I look forward to them supporting the dissolution of the UK’s unelected second chamber of Parliament, the House of Lords, I eagerly anticipate them forbidding unelected media owners propagandising through their news outlets, and most of all I look forward to them separating business and politics to stop the practice of the unelected CEOs buying politicians to favour their industries.


Mandate? We’ve just had our arses owned. #GE2015

Electoral reform? We want to think about this the morning after an election like we want to look at a bucket of sick after a night on the piss.

But here it is and it’s not going away.

And we have to look at it because the lives of a great many British people have been hijacked by an imbecilic few. And not for the first time.

Consider this: 66 per cent of registered voters turned out to vote. Not 66 per cent of the population, but 66 per cent of the registered voters.

That’s just two thirds. Of people on the electoral register. Not even two thirds of people eligible to vote.
Of that 66 per cent, 37 per cent voted Tory. That’s not 37 per cent of the British population but 37 per cent of 66 percent of registered voters.

And that 37 per cent landed us with a government that represents the interests of the richest one per cent.

So that’s 63 per cent of the 66 per cent who actually voted that said ‘no’ to a Conservative government.

The result is more austerity, the privatisation of the NHS and other social services that rightly belong to everyone, more tax for the poor, less tax for the better off, the punishment and demonisation of the poorest, the disabled and migrants. That’s five more years of Little Lord Fauntleroy and his chums using the UK as their own personal cookie jar.

How is that democratic? How is that legitimate?