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Yes, we don’t pay for contributions

The Cannibal’s Gazette:

No one at The Cannibal’s Gazette is getting paid. This site is a gallery of curios of drastic disaffection. Or it is a crucible for our bubbling vitriol, with which we baste the pedestal of capital and power so that one day soon it will erode and topple, disappearing in its own dust and rubble to become the vulgar detritus of history.

Or it’s an opportunity to have a bit of cheeky fun, whichever you prefer. 

In order to contribute art, fiction, polemic, satire, humour, tell us about a story, or simply to conspire, email us at:

End note: If one day The Cannibal’s Gazette makes money, we’ll find a way of sharing it, or the benefits of it, with our contributors.