Tweety tweety tweetvert

Chris Page

Tweetverts for the recent book, Sanctioned.


All my own work (the tweetverts and the book).


I tracked down the actual fonts used by The Sun and copied their typography for maximum tabloid effect. (Any echoes of Barbara Kruger may not be entirely accidental.)


Engagement with my tweets has noticeably gone up since I started bleeping out these.


Made with InDesign, Photoshop, and lots and lots of tea.

Yes, you may commission me for graphic projects. Tweetverts for the recent book, Sanctioned.

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Glad we avoided that warmongering Hillary Clinton!

Does anyone remember that just a few months ago a whole bunch of people saying they didn’t want to vote for Hillary Clinton because they thought she was a warmonger?

Well, Donald Trump, the non-warmongering candidate, in his first 100 days on the job has increased American boots on the ground in Syria, got a SEAL killed in Yemen, bombed a Syrian airforce base, dropped the mother of all bombs on Afghanistan, and brought us to the point of a needless war with North Korea.

I’m just mentioning because I’m wondering whether anyone who thought Clinton was dangerous now feels totally fucking stupid.