Martyr The man responsible for attacking Sikhs in Wisconsin on Sunday has been named as Wade Michael Page. Accepting that the police had no alternative but to stop him by force of arms, it is a shame that Page died at the scene. It is a shame because conservatives and right wingers, whom he was … Continue reading Wisconsin

Reprieved death row convict rejects clemency, granted ‘right’ to die

Convicted murderer Gary Haugen was awarded clemency over his death sentence by anti-capital punishment Oregon governor John Kitzhaber. Haugen demanded that he wanted to die and appealed. The judge that heard the case, Timothy Alexander, citing precedents, granted Haugen the 'right' to die. Read the full story here. If Haugen were not a death row … Continue reading Reprieved death row convict rejects clemency, granted ‘right’ to die

BBC capitulates to religious nutter

An attempt by a lone religious nut cake to censor free speech has ended in success. After a single complaint by a single nutter about remarks by Jeremy Paxman in an interview with Richard Dawkins the BBC after careful consideration has censured Paxman. In the BBC’s flaccid opinion, Paxman may have caused “unintentional offense” to … Continue reading BBC capitulates to religious nutter