Cannibals eating their own 10 Unpublishable Fictions 10 Unpublishable Fictions. You know you want to read it. Announcing 10 Unpublishable Fictions!  Cannibals Evan Findlay Hay and Chris Page have teamed up with with the very spiny David Rogers to perpetrate a publishing paradox that has rocked the world of paradoxical fiction to its contradictory roots.  Yes, ten unpublishable stories, most of … Continue reading Cannibals eating their own 10 Unpublishable Fictions

Window Shopping with l’Étranger

In a mall, pressing against those glass exteriors fronting numerous interchangeable shops; it could be an emporium dedicated to exclusive Provençal face cream- whatever, I stare inside like a piqued Martian. Part of the reason I’m outside involves exogenous factors: born into a small family flat, rented by unhappy parents, battling, blaming, adventurously polygamous, accusatory, uneducated, … Continue reading Window Shopping with l’Étranger

Another Perfect Day in Fucking Paradise

Ben seems to be the only living person on the planet and the dead are really getting on his nerves. But then he discovers he may not be alone. Can Ben find love among the dead or will death find him first? Another Perfect Day in Fucking Paradise is the fifth novel (or first novella) … Continue reading Another Perfect Day in Fucking Paradise