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A Tremendous Roundup Of Street Art Ridiculing Donald Trump

From England and Austria to New York and Los Angeles, the writing is on the wall.

Street artists have a lot to say about President Donald Trump ― little of it flattering.

Works criticizing the former reality TV personality began appearing on walls around the world soon after he launched his bid for the presidency in June 2015.

Now that the man is actually in the White House, there’s been a renewed explosion of anti-Trump murals, stencils and posters.

Below, we’ve rounded up some of the most notable pieces so far ― and we expect to add to this collection over the coming months and years.

Seen some anti-Trump street art? Or can you help us further identify the artists or locations of the pieces we already have in the list? Email your images and information to lee.moran@huffingtonpost.com.

  • 1 Trump As Adolf Hitler (Pegasus)

    History always repeats! Don’t make America Shit again! #dumptrump now before it’s too late!

    — Pegasus (@artistpegasus)

    2:22 AM – 19 Feb 2016

    Pegasus received death threats after depicting Trump as Nazi Germany’s brutal dictator Adolf Hitler on a wall in Bristol, England, in February 2016. “I will never give in to fear mongering, nor will I ever be censored,” the London-based street artist, who is originally from Chicago, told The Huffington Post at the time. “I am American and I believe in freedom of speech and artistic freedom of expression.”

  • 2 We’re Caught In A Trump (Barbi & Hope.xlf)

    Street artists Barbi and Hope.xlf created this mural in Valencia, Spain, shortly after Trump’s presidential election victory. “We were freaking out about the result, it was like a bad joke so that’s why we painted it,” Barbi told The Huffington Post. It’s since been removed, however.

  • 3 Don’t Feed The Trolls (TABBY)

    TABBY painted “Don’t Feed The Trolls” in Vienna before the presidential election. “Trump is everything that’s right and wrong with America and the world,” TABBY told HuffPost at the time. “He’s the American Dream of being super wealthy and saying what you want, while being totally out of touch with reality.”

  • 4 Love Trumps All (TABBY)

    TABBY also dropped “Love Trumps All” in Vienna.

  • 5 Donald Tramp (TABBY)


    And TABBY’s third anti-Trump piece in Vienna was, the artist told HuffPost, “all about how good old Donald will do anything for attention.”

  • 6 Dump Trump (Hanksy)

    Van Tine Dennis/ABACA USA

    New York street artist Hanksy depicted Trump as a giant pile of crap on Manhattan’s Lower East Side in the summer of 2015. It lasted the course of the presidential campaign, but was sadly whitewashed in early January after city officials threatened to fine the building’s owner if it wasn’t removed.

  • 7 It’s All Fun And Games… (Jeff Rothberg)

    Brooklyn morning walk reveals: #art #trump #Mondaymorning

    — Regan Kelly (@regan_kelly)

    12:14 AM – 15 Nov 2016 · New Jersey, USA

    This reproduction of Jeff Rothberg’s piece was spotted in Brooklyn, New York, in November 2016.

  • 8 The Cock Grabber (Herr Nilsson)

    #trump #catwoman #streetart in Stockholm, Sweden,
    by artist Herr Nilsson.
    Photo by Herr Nilsson.

    — Subrata Banik (@subratabanik)

    11:52 PM – 8 Dec 2016

    Herr Nilsson painted “The Cock Grabber” under a tram bridge in Stockholm. It was in response to Trump’s disgusting comments about women during the infamous 2005 bus ride with former “Access Hollywood” host Billy Bush, Nilsson told The Huffington Post.

  • Artist: Unknown
    Location: Montreal
  • Artist: Unknown
    Location: Detroit
  • Artist: Unknown
    Location: Unknown
  • Artist: Unknown
    Location: London
  • 13 Rape Trump (Indecline)

    “Rape #Trump” by the art collective Street artist Indecline 😀

    — DJ Rubiconski (@Rubiconski)

    6:43 AM – 16 Dec 2015

    The Indecline collective painted this “Rape Trump” mural near Tijuana airport on the old U.S.-Mexico border wall in 2015. “We want to raise awareness [about the] horrible shit he said,” a member of the collective told Vice at the time. “Controversy works better than something subtle.”

  • Artist: Unknown
    Location: New York City
  • 15 I Don’t Even Consider Myself…

    Artist: Unknown
    Location: New York City

  • Artist: Unknown
    Location: Believed to be Los Angeles
  • Artist: Unknown
    Location: Melbourne, Australia
  • Artist: Unknown
    Location: New York City
  • 19 The Fire Of The Resistance

    Artist: Unknown
    Location: La 72 migrant shelter in Tenosique, Tabasco, Mexico

  • Artist: Unknown
    Location: Believed to be Barcelona, Spain
  • Artist: Unknown
    Location: Philadelphia
  • 22 Trump As Adolf Hitler

    Swastika with Trump’s likeness removed from side of #Atlanta road – http://tinyurl.com/qejzvru

    — John Spink (@johnjspink)

    12:28 AM – 10 Dec 2015

    An unidentified artist depicted Trump as Adolf Hitler in Atlanta in December 2015, pasting the posters beneath highway overpasses around the city.

  • 23 Make Everything Great Again (Mindaugas Bonanu)

    Liutauras Strimaitis/AP

    Trump smooched with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Mindaugas Bonanu‘s piece, which he painted on the side of the Keule Ruke barbecue joint in Vilnius, Lithuania, in May 2016.

  • 24 Orange Supremacist

    Artist: Unknown
    Location: San Francisco

  • 25 If Elected, I’ll Deport Myself

    Donald Trump-inspired graffiti at Heaven Skate Park in #Hartford

    — steven goode (@townnewsguy)

    2:43 AM – 14 Sep 2015

    The artist is unknown, but this graffiti is believed to have appeared at Heaven Skate Park in Hartford, Connecticut, in September 2015.

  • 26 Donald Eres Un Pendejo (Ilegal Mezcal)

    Liquor brand Ilegal Mezcal called Trump a “dumbass” in this Spanish-language graphic, which appeared in New York, Los Angeles, Miami and elsewhere in the run-up to the election.

  • 27 Donald McTrump (Ivan Orama)

    Donald McTrump sighted near Chinatown

    — Flynn (@majorsideye)

    3:30 AM – 16 Mar 2016

    New York-based artist Ivan Orama‘s piece popped up in his home city, London and elsewhere in the run-up to the election.

  • 28 Kiss Of Death (The Paintsmiths)

    GEOFF CADDICK via Getty Images

    Trump locks lips with British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson in the Paintsmiths’ (aka Jack “Dones” and Felix Braun) “Kiss of Death” mural in Bristol, England. The pro-Europe campaign group We Are Europe commissioned the artwork before the United Kingdom’s referendum vote to leave the European Union in June 2016. “People need to look at this image and think — is this the future I want?” spokeswoman Harriet Kingaby said in a statement at the time.

  • 29 Are We There Yet?


    Street artist Jack “Dones,” who is part of the Paintsmiths, painted this mural in Bristol, England, as a follow-up to “Kiss Of Death” (see above).

  • 30 Drumpf (El Peezo)

    Donald Trump’s coming to town just in time to check out El Peezo’s new #drumpf street art http://www.phoenixnewtimes.com/arts/el-peezo-resurfaces-with-donald-trump-meets-star-wars-street-art-in-downtown-phoenix-8134656 …

    — PHX New Times Arts (@phxculture)

    4:00 AM – 17 Mar 2016

    El Peezo fused Trump and “Star Wars” villain Jabba the Hutt for this piece in Phoenix in early 2016. “The Donald is pop culture. He is a character, not a real person. I suppose that is the underlying theme behind this piece,” the artist told the Phoenix New Times.

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