Maggie, Maggie, Maggie! Jim, Jim, Jim!

thatcher-savile-1980 - image loading
The Cannibal continues to celebrate the life of Margaret Thatcher with this image of the late lady and Jimmy Savile.
Savile is accused of hundreds of acts of paedophilia and rape spanning four decades and is the subject of an ongoing police investigation. His targets included mentally and physically disabled children and his crimes are thought to have been known to his colleagues and employers at the BBC and at the hospitals and prisons where he did charitable work.
In this image, Thatcher is presenting Savile with a cheque for a children’s charity.
CNN ran this image recently. They apparently thought it illustrated some streak of altruism and humanity in the Iron Lady. CNN apparently didn’t know who Jimmy Savile was or what he is accused of, which for a major international news service is pretty good going.
How does the Cannibal rate the edibility of this brain?

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