David Cameron: singing for our supper


Following Johnny Marr forbidding David Cameron from liking The Smiths, Radiohead’s Thom Yorke has offered to “sue the living shit” out of Cameron if he uses any of his music to promote the Conservatives.

David Cameron. Isn’t he yummy?

Which tells us he no more understands the music he purports to listen to than how to manage the country he purports to run.

We would have thought that Cameron’s taste would have been The Choir of the City of London’s album of Stentorian Chants, Give us your Money, Give it to us Now. Or perhaps Ken Dodgy and the Diddy David’s singing Marmalise the Poor.

Both releases used to be available from your local high street branch of HMV.

So how does Cameron rate for edibility? If your taste is for instant, pink blancmange that has been left in the rain overnight, then Cammers is your dish.

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