No disinformation or double standards over Gaza

A press release from the Israeli air force, reproduced verbatim by Global Security, claims that they have been aborting attacks on Gaza if they feel civilians might get hurt.

CG wonders then, who exactly killed dozens of Gazan civilians, including children, in shelling and air strikes.

Have the Palestinians been self harming?

Meanwhile, a number of governments, including those of the US and UK have affirmed their belief in the right of Israel to defend itself. The current violence began when Israel assassinated the leader of Hamas inside Gaza. CG wonders whether any world leaders will affirm the right of the Palestinians to defend themselves, because the message we are receiving here is that it’s OK for Israel to fire missiles into Gaza, but not for Gaza to fire missiles into Israel in response.

How edible are these military and political brains? Pretty cold and porridge-like — indigestible and vile.

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