Taiji fishermen driving another pod of dolphins into the cove this morning

The day following the slaughter of dozens of dolphins in Taiji, Japan, the fishermen are out again and apparently at this moment driving another pod into the cove for sale and slaughter.

Google uses more power than Salt Lake City

Google Uses More Power than Salt Lake City: http://bit.ly/nBIBcY

That means that we the users are using more power than Salt Lake City for searching, emailing, Google Plus-ing, photo sharing and page hosting.

This revelation raises questions about how much energy Facebook and Twitter and MySpace are using through our use — not to mention WordPress (Hi!).

Greenpeace has been pressuring Facebook to commit to using cleaner sources of energy in its Unfriend Coal campaign.

And I suppose it is up to we the users to decide whether we need to be using so much energy on these services.