Cannibals eating their own 10 Unpublishable Fictions

10 Unpublishable Fictions. You know you want to read it.

Announcing 10 Unpublishable Fictions! 

Cannibals Evan Findlay Hay and Chris Page have teamed up with with the very spiny David Rogers to perpetrate a publishing paradox that has rocked the world of paradoxical fiction to its contradictory roots. 

Yes, ten unpublishable stories, most of which have nevertheless been published before and are being puplished again!

Announcing 10 Unpublishable Fictions! 

Available as a Kindle ebook from your regional Amazon, in a choice of Kindle ebook, Kindle ebook or Kindle ebook formats!

Announcing 10 Unpublishable Fictions! 

Cover illustration by Chris Page! Ten original illustrations by Chris Page! Two unoriginal illustrations by Chris Page! Two stories (Bog and Escapology) that you have already read in the collection Un-Tall Tales by Chris Page!

Eight stories by David Rogers and Evan Findlay Hay that you haven’t read unless you have!

Just in time for Christmas 2022! 

Announcing 10 Unpublishable Fictions!

From your regional Amazon Kindle store!

( Here’s the link to the Amazon UK page: )

Published by

Beware the seagull!

According to publisher Dog&Vile (David Rogers and Evan Findlay Hay)

“You could be forgiven for thinking this to be a collection of cautionary tales, on the theme of being careful what you wish for. Thus: a security guard makes a mid-life career change and is horrified to find himself suffering a redemptive epiphany; a young contestant makes it onto Bob Monkhouse’s quiz show and watches his ego melt like burning plastic; an escapologist tries to gather his thoughts as he sinks to the bottom of the Arctic ocean in a welded steel coffin.”

Now go away and read 10 Unpublishable Fictions by David Rogers, Evan Findlay Hay, and Chris Page.

That was an announcement concerning 10 Unpublishable Fictions!

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